Donors sought due to shortage of A+, B+ at Oman Blood Bank
Muscat Daily -

Donors can visit the bank from Saturday to Thursday (8am to 8pm) and Friday (3pm to 8pm) at its office in Bausher.

Speaking about the blood shortage, an official from the bank said, “The bank urgently requires blood for the two types as there has been shortage in the last two days. Such situations are not common here.”

The official added that around 50 to 70 people donate blood on a daily basis. “More than 5,000 units of blood are needed every month in Oman. This means that more people in the community need to come forward to support ailing people.”

An expatriate has to be in Oman for a duration of 12 months to donate blood.

Ayub Khan (name changed), an Indian expatriate who used to donate blood until a few years back, said, “Due to my business I need to travel to Mumbai several times. So, I cannot donate blood.

“But the decision has been brought about to contain blood-borne and contagious diseases that might be carried from the donor’s country of visit. The move has helped Oman prevent several diseases that are prevalent in Asia or Africa.”

Khan added, “However, I think the period can be reduced to six months so that more people can donate blood.”

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